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Educational activities in the field of digitalization and AI techniques & technologies

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Information and consulting support in finding financial resources (especially grant schemes) for the implementation of digital innovation projects

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Connections with organisations and partners in the field of AI in the Czech Republic and the EU

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Testbed Labs

On the total area of 1,640 m2, there are two specifically focused floors that together with a Smart Grid Lab and the 3D Printing Centre create a completely unique research infrastructure. The lower floor of the testbed in the basement is focused on production technologies and production machines, while one floor above there are modules designed for robotics and flexible production.

  • The RICAIP projects and testbeds are a key innovation driver for the second decade of Industry 4.0 starting in 2022. The steadily growing RICAIP ecosystem makes sure that Industry 4.0 technologies remain a European export hit.

    Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Wolfgang Wahlster, Chief Executive Advisor (CEA), DFKI

    prof. Wahlster photo

Testbed Team