3D Scanning and Printing

Collaborative Robots

With the growing demand for collaborative robotics in special applications, where the full potential of this technology is being exploited, use-case solutions are being developed for our industry partners.

Femtosecond and Nanosecond Laser Machine

Complex working station with granite base equipped with 40 W femtosecond laser source operating with three different wavelengths, five axis positioning system and galvo-scanner

High Precision CNC Wire EDM

The electrical discharge machining uses a wire and electrical discharge erosion principal to cut the material. A clean cut of a…

Industrial Robots

Unlocking Precision: Investigating Industrial Robots with a Laser Tracker. From Calibrating DH Parameters to Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing, Discover How We Ensure Accuracy and Repeatability for Optimal Results.

Machining and Hybrid Processes

AXA VCC1000 machining centre Five-axis machine tool: working area XYZ 900 × 500 × 600 mm, working feed rate 10m/min, rapid feed rate 25 m/min, spindle ISO40 / 20 kW / max. 15 000 rpm

Metallographic Grinder

Metrology Laboratory

Advanced metrology laboratory equipped with high-precision devices for optical and tactile measurements, including coordinate measurement machines and optical microscopes.

Robotic Laser Cell

The compact robotic cell with a positioner and linear axis is a versatile tool for various additive manufacturing applications, utilizing LMD-wire and LMD-powder technologies with a digital twin to generate the robot program, currently used for mold repair.

TAJMAC ZPS H630 horizontal milling machine with pallet changer

Research of cutting tools and process setting for machining of difficult-to-cut materials

Tool Setting

Laboratory for cutting tools presetting

Weldprint Hybrid Technology

Hybrid production combining WAAM and machining in one working space

Lab for Robotics, Production Machines and Technologies

The lower floor of the testbed with an area of 570 m2 in the basement is focused on production technologies and production machines.