Augmented Reality Robotic Cells

Integration Robotic cells for precise screwing bolts with camera-guided AR

Automated Warehouse

This is a fully automated warehouse for automatic delivery of parts to production for just-in-time delivery modelling.

CP Factory

Transform your teaching methods with CP Factory - an innovative production line system perfect for educating advanced manufacturing techniques.

Flexible assembly line

Flexible robotic cell with three types of robots, where the distribution of parts is provided byconveyor from linear actuators. These actuators can be freely dispatched to individual robotsbased on the production request.

Flexible Robotic Cell for Modular Production

A revolutionary system designed to enhance manufacturing efficiency and adaptability. This innovative solution combines robotics, sensors, and advanced technologies to streamline production processes.

Human-Robot Collaboration of the Future 

Discover our groundbreaking projects in the field of collaborative robotics, designed to revolutionize the manufacturing industry. Experience the synergy of human expertise and robotic efficiency as we usher in a new era of Industry 4.0.

Industrial Metaverse - Virtual Commissioning and Simulation

The virtual reality area in the Industry 4.0 testbed offers a unique opportunity for companies to experience and test their production processes in a simulated environment.

Multi-functional Room

Step into the future of events with our multi-functional room featuring state-of-the-art audiovisual technology and a unique robotic bar system. Perfectly designed for conferences, seminars, workshops, and company events, this space is directly connected to the hub of Industry 4.0 R&D, making it an ideal location for research and innovation demonstrations.


Get a glimpse of the future of food service operations with the Robobar. Robots that can tap beer like a skilled bartender, serve lemonades, coffee, alcoholic and mixed drinks. All you have to do is enter your request via the ordering tablet and remember your order number.

Robotic 3D Scanning and Printing

3D printing robotic workstation uses a medium-sized industrial robot equipped with a positioner designed for multi-axis additive manufacturing (MAAM).

Robotic Cell for Training & Education

A cutting-edge solution designed to equip the next generation of skilled specialists in robotics

Robotic Cells for Flexible Production

For production scenarios that entail multiple operations with a vast assembly of components, the Robotic Cells for Flexible Production provide the ideal solution, thanks to their adaptability.

Robotic Vision Cells

These systems leverage advanced cameras and processing software to enable robots to perceive and interact with their environment, revolutionizing tasks from product sorting to complex assembly and inspections

Testing area

Experience the future of smart manufacturing with our industry 4.0 testbed, designed to help companies test their ideas before taking them to production.

Universal Robotic Cells with AI & Machine Vision

The integration of AI and machine learning revolutionizes manufacturing with unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. These advanced systems leverage AI to handle complex tasks, adapt to variations, and learn from experience.

Lab for Robotics, AI, and Flexible production

The ground floor testbed has a total area of 850 m2, modules are designed for Robotics, AI, and Flexible production. It focuses on automatic assembly and planning & virtualization of production, digital twin technologies, additive manufacturing, and autonomous production systems.