Welprint machine

Testbed Labs

The two specifically focused floors of the testbed labs together create a completely unique environment for testing, simulation and development of various scenarios for smart factories of the 21th century.

The latest technologies are designed for research and development of applications for industrial practice. Universal robotic and production cells, including collaborative robots and machine tools, are intralogistically interconnected by a fleet of mobile robots and vehicles.

Lab for Robotics, AI, and Flexible production

On the total area of 1,640 m2, there are two specifically focused floors that together with a Smart Grid Lab and the 3D Printing Centre create a completely unique research infratstructure. The lower floor of the testbed in the basement is focused on production technologies and production machines, while one floor above there are modules designed for robotics and flexible production.

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Robotics, AI, and Flexible production Lab plan

Lab for Robotics, Production Machines and Technologies

The lower floor of the testbed with an area of 570 m2 in the basement is focused…

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Basement testbed layout

CIIRC 3D Printing Lab – C3PL

Welcome to C3PL, the CIIRC CTU university's 3D printing facility with a focus on high-quality additive manufacturing, design, and research and development. We are able to create complicated, high-quality parts with exceptional accuracy and efficiency thanks to the state-of-the-art AM printing technology in our facility. To guarantee the success of every project, our team of skilled engineers and designers works in collaboration with clients to provide end-to-end solutions, from design optimization to material selection. C3PL has the knowledge and resources to make your concepts a reality, whether you need rapid prototyping, low-volume manufacturing runs, or custom parts.

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3D printing centre layout

Smart Grid Lab

The Smart Grid Lab develops advanced energy systems that optimize production processes and detect potential power supply problems. The latest project focuses on retrofitting electric car batteries through automated operations using robotics and machine learning, giving already used batteries a second life.

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Smartgrid schema