Industrial Metaverse – Virtual Commissioning and Simulation

The virtual reality area in the Industry 4.0 testbed offers a unique opportunity for companies to experience and test their production processes in a simulated environment.

The virtual reality area in the testbed for Industry 4.0 is a space where companies can simulate and optimize their production processes in a safe and controlled environment. This area is equipped with state-of-the-art VR technology, including high-end VR headsets and controllers allowing for an immersive experience of interacting with virtual machines and products. The virtual reality area provides companies with an opportunity to test different scenarios and configurations, optimize production parameters, and train employees in a risk-free environment before implementing changes on the factory floor.

Moreover, the virtual reality area offers an opportunity for visitors to take a virtual tour of the entire testbed, including all its facilities and equipment, without having to physically be present. This virtual tour is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the testbed’s capabilities and to showcase the potential benefits of Industry 4.0 technologies for different industries. Visitors can interact with virtual representations of machines and equipment, learn about different research projects and technologies being developed, and explore the potential of the testbed for their own business.