Robotic Cells for Flexible Production

For production scenarios that entail multiple operations with a vast assembly of components, the Robotic Cells for Flexible Production provide the ideal solution, thanks to their adaptability.

The core project of the Testbed for Industry 4.0 is an innovative experimental Flexible Assembly line. Its purpose is to explore the capabilities of flexible and distributed production. Customers have the ability to customize their products by specifying the desired features, and the machines will construct them accordingly. Additionally, the assembly line has the capability to be easily reconfigured for different product assemblies.

The Flexible Assembly Line boasts a multi-agent based monorail distribution system, a computer vision-enabled warehouse robot, and an on-demand component supply system facilitated by autonomous guided vehicles. The Manufacturing Execution System oversees the conveyor distribution and robot operations and optimizes the allocation of tasks to robots. The multi-agent control scheme forms the basis of a decentralized production configuration, which promotes modularity, facilitates production customization to meet customer requirements, enables the spatial separation of production machines, and incorporates the logistics chain and distribution channel model. The controlled production line can be easily expanded by connecting additional machines and production lines, allowing for the emulation of distributed production within a compact space to evaluate individual sub-concepts.

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