CP Factory

Transform your teaching methods with CP Factory - an innovative production line system perfect for educating advanced manufacturing techniques.

Festo CP Factory is an ideal tool for teaching various aspects of modern manufacturing, including automation, control systems, and data analysis. Each module has independent control, which is connected to an above-laying Manufacturing Execution System (MES), which orchestrates the whole production. The standalone modules can be used to demonstrate the low-level control of individual stations, robot control, and higher-level production control and configuration. Students can gain hands-on experience with the system, learning how it works and experimenting with different configurations.

In addition, Festo CP Factory provides a connection to a cloud solution, which enables data acquisition and further processing and analysis in a cloud environment. This feature can be used to teach students about Industry 4.0 and the importance of data analysis in modern manufacturing.

Overall, Festo CP Factory offers a unique and practical approach to teaching modern manufacturing techniques, providing students with a solid foundation for future careers in this field.