Human-Robot Collaboration of the Future 

Discover our groundbreaking projects in the field of collaborative robotics, designed to revolutionize the manufacturing industry. Experience the synergy of human expertise and robotic efficiency as we usher in a new era of Industry 4.0.

One key aspect of product customization is the ability to quickly and easily modify production lines to meet the specific needs of individual customers. For example, a company producing custom-made furniture may be able to quickly adjust the size, shape, and materials used to create a unique piece for a specific customer. This level of customization would not be possible without the advanced technologies and human-robot collaboration (HRC) systems in place.

The Testbed provides a collaborative robotic cell in which a person and a robot share a workspace. The cages have KUKA IIWA robots in collaborative mode, meeting safety standards. RealSense cameras monitor the workspace and determine the position of objects and people. In HRC, an important task is to allocate tasks between humans and robots and ensure the robot moves safely and without collision. To prevent customization from negatively affecting productivity, it is essential to distribute tasks effectively and robustly, making full use of the unique abilities of humans and robots.

Our portfolio features two pioneering projects poised to transform the manufacturing landscape.

Project 1: Uncertainty-Aware Human-Robot Collaboration Using Scheduling and Reactive Control

This project transforms traditional manufacturing workflows by enabling dynamic interaction between humans and robots. Say goodbye to monotonous tasks and welcome a new age of workplace flexibility and productivity. 

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Project 2: Collaborative Robotic Workplace (CRoW)

 Our second project focuses on the seamless integration of human and robot efforts in shared workspaces. It features advanced technologies for scene recognition, natural language communication, and predictive operation. 

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This project was implemented jointly with the Factorio Solution and the Imitrob research group. 

Real-World Impact and Applications 

Practical Scenarios: 
Explore various real-world applications of our projects, from simple tool fetching to complex predictive task assistance, demonstrating versatility and adaptability in diverse manufacturing environments.