Flexible assembly line

Flexible robotic cell with three types of robots, where the distribution of parts is provided byconveyor from linear actuators. These actuators can be freely dispatched to individual robotsbased on the production request.

The robotic cell can be used for various applications thanks to the combination of robots with different kinematics and a conveyor that gives the robotic cell considerable flexibility. The entire robotic cell is controlled by the PLC, including the robots. This means that it is possible to create an easy link with the parent system. There is a digital twin to the robotic cell, which makes programming and correcting errors in the program easier.

There are three different robot kinematics in the cell, namely the six-axis IRB1300 robot, the four-axis SCARA robot, and the seven-axis YuMi two-arm collaborative robot.  Each robot can be used for a specific application based on the robot’s disposition. The IRB1300 can be used for line supply and for handling heavier parts. The YuMi robot is for fine symmetrical assembly, and the SCARA robot is for precise vertical assembly, such as electronics. Each robot can reach the conveyor and perform assembly directly on the conveyor or its workbench. In addition, the IRB1300 and SCARA robots have pneumatic tools that can be automatically changed. Four tool positions are available. The conveyor consists of four ovals between which the linear actuators can travel freely based on the production program. Thus, some ovals can be used, for example, as a buffer or staging point for the carriages and also as the main means of distribution between the individual robot workstations. The entire line is supplied by the main access gate, with the help of an AMR robot that transports the parts needed for assembly in the rack.