Robotic Laser Cell

The compact robotic cell with a positioner and linear axis is a versatile tool for various additive manufacturing applications, utilizing LMD-wire and LMD-powder technologies with a digital twin to generate the robot program, currently used for mold repair.

The compact robotic cell with a positioner and linear axis is a highly versatile piece of equipment that can be used for various applications in additive manufacturing, including laser heat treatment, laser cutting, LMD-wire, and LMD-powder. It is a valuable asset in the production process as it can complete complex operations with precision, speed, and consistency. The positioner and linear axis provide flexibility and maneuverability that allows for precise movements, making it an ideal tool for mold repair. The LMD-wire and LMD-powder technologies used in the cell are also beneficial for producing intricate designs with high accuracy.

The cell’s design also includes the use of a digital twin, which helps generate the robot program. This feature is a significant advantage as it saves time and resources in the programming process. The digital twin enables the user to simulate and evaluate the robot’s performance virtually, allowing for the testing of different scenarios and configurations before committing to the final design. By using a digital twin, the cell can be optimized for maximum efficiency, ensuring that the robot program is efficient and optimized for the specific operation it will perform. The compact robotic cell with a positioner and linear axis, therefore, represents a significant advancement in additive manufacturing and mold repair, providing an efficient and precise solution for complex production processes.